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A nice feature about the Apple Airport Extreme is port forwarding. Port forwarding is the concept where the router which is the gateway in your LAN forwards a request outside the LAN (Internet) to port on an internal IP address. If your NAS should be accessed from the Internet port forwarding is required. Your router must have NAT enabled so that it is possible for the router to find the internal IP address on the LAN and forward the request.
The Apple Airport Extreme is a great router. It is stabile, discrete looking, easy to setup and full of features.
In order to create port forwarding via Apple Airport Extreme the Airport Utility must be installed if not already installed.

Airport Utility can run on a Windows PC and on an Apple Mac computer. You can download Airport Utility for Windows here.
With Airport Utility downloaded and installed we can began the port forwarding.
Here are the steps that are needed in order to create a port forwarding to your NAS DSM:

  1. First you should create a static internal IP address for your NAS.
  2. Open Airport Utility and find your Airport Exteme with Airport Utility.
    Open Airport Utility
  3. Click on the Airport Extreme and click the edit button.
  4. Choose the Network tab.
  5. Check Enable NAT through Port Mapping Protocol.
  6. Click the ‘+’ in order to add a new port mapping.
  7. A port mapping window is shown.
    Airport Extreme Port Mapping
  8. Enter a Description.
  9. Enter 5000 in Public TCP Ports.
  10. Enter the internal IP address on your NAS in Private IP address.
  11. Enter 5000 (Synology DSM runs on port 5000) in Private TCP Ports.
  12. Click save.
  13. Click update and your Airport Extreme router should now be updated with the new port mapping.
  14. In order to test the configuration. Enter your external IP address (or if do not know it find it with What Is My IP Address []) in the address bar in a web browser and append :5000. So it looks something like this: http://your-external-ip:5000.
  15. You can now access your Synology DSM on the Internet.

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